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Sailom - Silver Lining

Sailom - Silver Lining

This handwoven fabric is designed for drapery and is woven on a linen ground with bands of silk bouclé and ribbon silk laid out over the panel, giving the fabric a relaxed yet luxury look and feel

Woven width: 51" / 130cm.

Yarn content: 53% Silk, 33% Cotton, 14% Linen

Price: For pricing please contact your agent

Care: Professional dry cleaning

Lead time: 6 weeks

Country of origin: Woven in Laos

Minimum purchase: 5y / 5m

Usage: Drapery

What makes this fabric special: A relaxed yet smart fabric using beautiful quality linen, ribbon silk and silk bouclé yarns. It is sustainably handwoven by our expert weavers and can be used either lined or unlined 

Treatments: In order to conform to CONTRACT grade, you may have the fabrics FR treated and Stain treated after weaving

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