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Monsoon River Drapes - Snowfall White

Monsoon River Drapes - Snowfall White

Sold in panels of 370cm / 146" unless a custom design layout is requested. Handwoven drapery panel of linen, woven with a supplementary linen weft thread to create a textured fabric, with a border brocade motif woven in Italian ribbon silk. The motif is a depiction of the monsoon rains falling and creating a river. 

Woven width: 47" / 120cm

Yarn content: 58% Linen, 42% Silk

Price: For pricing please contact your agent

Care: Professional dry cleaning

Lead time: 6-8 weeks 

Country of origin: Woven in Laos. 

Minimum purchase: 1 panel  

Usage: Drapery. 

Treatments: In order to conform to CONTRACT grade, you may have the fabrics FR treated and Stain treated after weaving.

What makes this fabric special: A sustainably handwoven woven fabric using top quality yarns. This chic panel is perfect for a formal living room or library. In addition, it tells a story woven into the cloth, based upon the spiritual life of the people of South East Asia. 

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