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Luang Ombré - Whipped Cream

Luang Ombré - Whipped Cream

A handwoven drapery fabric woven with a slubby wool yarn mixed with silk and strengthened with viscose and interwoven with bands of linen ground to give the effect of an ombré weave. The slubby yarn is specially spun for Soie de Lune in Italy and makes the fabric particularly special. 

Woven width: 51" / 130cm.  

Yarn content: 42% Silk, 24% Wool, 22% Linen, 12% Viscose,

Price: For pricing please contact your agent. 

Care: Professional dry cleaning. 

Country of origin: Woven in Laos. 

Minimum purchase: 5y / 5m - Lead time: 4-6 weeks / some stock.

Usage: Drapery. 

Treatments: In order to conform to CONTRACT grade, you may FR and Stain treat the fabrics after weaving.

What makes this fabric special: Handwoven and handmade with a wonderful wool based slubby yarn that gives the fabric a special look and feel, making it one of our most popular choices. The addition of interwoven linen gives the fabric it's ombré effect. The fabric takes its name from the most famous temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Wat Chedi Luang. 

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