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Heritage Silk - Double Naga - Boa on Ochre/Ivory

Heritage Silk - Double Naga - Boa on Ochre/Ivory

100% Thai filament silk. 6PLY. Smooth lustrous feel with rich complex design. Soie de Lune's skilled artisans weave the silk fabric to order and can create any layout for your project. Mainly used for drapery panels, we offer many special design combinations making your project unique. The fabric is woven to stock at a width of 35" / 90cm and is available to purchase from 1 meter up. A 47" / 120cm version is also available, which is woven to order with a 5 yard / meter minimum order.

Woven width: 35" / 90cm  stocked fabric, 47" / 120cm woven-to-order

Yarn content: 100% Silk.

Price: Please download catalog for pricing. 

Care: Professional dry cleaning. 

Country of origin: Woven in Laos. 

Minimum purchase: Narrow widths in stock. Wide widths 6 weeks.

Lead time: Some stock otherwise 4 weeks.  

Usage: Drapery, soft furnishings. 

Special instructions: Must be lined before sewing for soft furnishings.

Treatments: In order to conform to CONTRACT grade, you may have the fabrics FR treated and Stain treated after weaving.

What makes this fabric special: Our heritage hand-woven silks represent the vibrancy and spirituality of historic Lao weaving each of which tells a story. The intricate motifs and skill required to weave them, have made Lao silk weaving unique across the world. Given the complexity of the designs, we are only able to weave between 8 - 24", 20 - 60cm per day. These beautifully hand-crafted fabrics are truly  unique. This design called Double Naga represents the mythical half  snake, half human often seen in Buddhist rituals. They have great spiritual importance and weaving their image brings blessings to the one using the fabric.

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